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FreightFriend releases new software with powerful carrier engagement features

September 1, 2020

FreightFriend 2.0 with Freight Guru helps shippers and brokers increase carrier engagement to improve sourcing and build better relationships.

CHICAGO, IL: FreightFriend has launched a new release of its truckload procurement platform, which includes the introduction of Freight Guru, a powerful carrier engagement tool that connects shippers and brokers with asset carriers, drives relationships, and automates execution.

FreightFriend 2.0 features a modern, streamlined user interface and doubles down on data science and machine learning to provide flexible, automated tendering through a truly dynamic routing guide and more sophisticated capacity sourcing from new and existing carriers.

“Shippers and brokers are sitting on a treasure trove of data, from load history to lane history, to their carriers’ preferred lanes and available trucks,” said Noam Frankel, founder and CEO of FreightFriend. “The new version of FreightFriend not only helps users capture and take advantage of this valuable data but also addresses the familiar problem of carrier engagement.”

One of the most exciting new features is Freight Guru, which takes the user’s data, blends it with publicly available data, and delivers freight matches to carriers while dynamically learning and adjusting, based on carrier responses. Results are ranked and auto-communicated, saving carriers time and money, and because they don’t have to sign up or sign in to receive matches, provide a quote, or book-it-now, carriers are more likely to engage with shippers and brokers.

“We tried to remove as many barriers as possible to encourage carriers to engage with their partners, “ said Frankel. “Plus, Freight Guru’s unique blend of data sets means that you can still get great results, even if data is limited or missing.”

Other new features include:

  • Ranked load matches for every carrier in a user’s network with Freight Guru

  • Faster, updated Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide

  • Enhanced geolocation entry and identification for improved matching

  • New carrier drawer for fingertip access to each carrier’s profile, perspective, and load match information

  • New, modern interface that optimizes the user experience

The new update also continues to protect user information, allowing users to decide what information to share with the partners they prefer to work with and trust.

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About FreightFriend:

FreightFriend is a cloud-based truckload procurement solution that harnesses the power of AI to find capacity and match freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, freight matching and a relationship-based marketplace, and predictive new carrier discovery.

For more information:

Phoebe Noce

Director of Marketing



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FreightFriend 2.0 press release
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