Find the right capacity for the right freight. FreightFriend's cloud-based truckload procurement platform helps shippers and brokers build deep carrier relationships and drive digital execution. 

Manage and build carrier relationships with the CRM

Auto-communicate ranked freight matches with digital execution

Easily source new carriers and build carrier profiles

Work with only quality partners in a mutual friendship marketplace

Power up procurement with Guru

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More loads prebooked, less
same-day freight

Capacity Guru is an intelligent routing engine that continuously updates and ranks carriers for any shipment or shipping lane. Instantly identify and secure the right carrier to safely deliver your freight on time — and for less money. 


FreightFriend's algorithms blend public, private, and shared data for the most accurate visibility into available capacity.


Built-in carrier engagement for smarter decision making

Book loads and grow relationships more easily with Freight Guru, the technology behind FreightFriend's freight matching, which synthesizes multiple sources of data and auto-communicates ranked freight matches to carriers, who can quote or book it now without registering or signing in.


Freight Guru dynamically learns and adjusts based on their responses and behavior.


Share data in one place, 
with only partners you trust


Keep your load, lane, and truck data within your own private network via FreightFriend's mutual friendship process. Information is only shared with trusted companies you connect with as "friends."


Post and manage loads or trucks from one central location. Communicate availability to transportation partners while protecting information from competitors or untrusted individuals.


Loads match to available capacity in real time. Designed with users in mind, FreightFriend's A.I.-powered platform delivers ranked opportunities you won't find on public load boards.


Move more freight through collaboration. Automated communication lets you do more business and build deeper relationships with reliable partners.

For Brokers & 3PLs

Edge out your competition with smart technology

FreightFriend’s artificial intelligence-based platform dynamically learns and adjusts based on the latest data and real-life interactions, so you can be faster and smarter than your competitors.

Flexibly and efficiently tender freight with the Capacity Guru routing engine, which arms your team with ranked carrier and capacity results for any load or lane. Auto-communicate to carriers via waterfall or blast tender or auto-post loads to friended carriers in the marketplace for quick and easy dissemination. 


Book the right carrier

every time

Connect with carriers to share freight or create private carrier profiles, just for your team. FreightFriend will automatically refine carrier preferences based on how they interact with freight on the platform or respond to load offers sent to their inboxes.  Looking for new partners? Find the right one for your load or lane by searching from 500,000+ FMCSA-registered carriers using criteria that matters, including origin, destination, and equipment. Ranked results means you won't waste time with bad opportunities.


Do more business with

your existing team

Empower your team to leverage your relationships with every transaction. FreightFriend's centralized platform enables carrier sales reps to intuitively manage and gather proprietary information to book loads better, faster, and smarter. Additional automation streamlines manual processes and reduces the number of spreadsheets, documents, and emails. Gain productivity, avoid losing invaluable data, and get more out of the talent you already have.

For Carriers

Privatize & centralize  freight procurement

Instead of multiple tabs and load boards, FreightFriend's one-stop platform reduces the number of places you need to look to book the perfect load.


Sign up for free today — share your capacity and receive matching freight from top shippers, brokers, and 3PLs in the industry, all in one place.

Limit access to your 
truck and lane data

Choose which shippers and brokers have visibility to your capacity, using our mutual friendship process. Unlike a public load board, you get to decide who you share your information with, enabling your team to maintain negotiating power and form relationships with the best-service providers.

Get better visibility

to more freight

Spend less time finding freight and more time on things that matter. Add FreightFriend to your truck list email distribution — we'll post your trucks and lanes to your profile for you. Automatically receive matching load notifications from friended shippers

and brokers that you won't find on public load boards. 

FreightFriend is FREE for carriers. Create an account today. 
For Shippers

Find new carriers 

for your freight

Discover carriers for new or challenging freight with FreightFriend's capacity search feature, powered by the Capacity Guru routing engine. Unlike other search tools, users can search from 500,000+ FMCSA-registered carriers using criteria that matters, such as lane, equipment type, and location. Capacity Guru returns ranked results by blending data via FreightFriend's proprietary algorithms.

Source and secure capacity safely and seamlessly

Spot loads are inevitable. Wouldn't you prefer to use a trusted carrier? 

Tender freight with greater flexibility with our Capacity Guru routing engine, which delivers ranked carrier and capacity results for any load or lane. Share available freight to "friended" carriers or auto-communicate to your wider network via waterfall or blast tender. You can also add available capacity to private carrier profiles, just for your team. 

Manage and grow your

carrier relationships

With historical load and lane history,

lane preference data, and information from your team, FreightFriend's centralized platform gives you critical insights to do more business with carriers you already know and trust. Grow relationships with carriers you've chosen to connect with as friends or match freight to your private fleet, all on one single platform.


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