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Get matched to freight that fits your capacity
With FreightFriend, carriers can connect to shippers and freight brokers for free, with a mutual "friendship" process. Get matched to quality freight or browse available loads from your trusted providers on one platform.

Book loads with partners you trust

Find available freight in one place
Tired of working out of multiple platforms and individual load boards? FreightFriend's one-stop platform lets you share capacity and connect with shippers, brokers, and 3PLs in one place, for

Maintain negotiating power
Choose which shippers and brokers have visibility to your capacity, using our mutual friendship process. Unlike a public load board, you get to decide who you share your information with.

Better visibility to freight that actually fits your capacity

Share feedback for better freight matches
Stop wasting time looking through freight that doesn't fit. FreightFriend's feedback loop lets you share which lanes you like (and which you don't) so that we improve the matching freight you receive. 

Automate to build relationships
Add FreightFriend to your truck list email distribution — we'll post your trucks and lanes to your profile for you. Automatically receive matching load notifications from friended shippers and brokers.

Get loads tailored to your capacity from companies you want to work with

Sign up today to start building relationships and receive ranked freight matches from your favorite providers.
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