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Work directly with more asset carriers
Reduce transportation costs and manage asset carrier relationships more easily with FreightFriend's intuitive truckload procurement platform. The software boosts your TMS's capabilities, helping you source new carriers and match the right capacity to the right freight.

Find carriers for your freight quickly and easily

Secure capacity effortlessly
Working on a challenging lane or opening up a new distribution center? The Search New Carriers tool returns ranked lists of asset carriers that match to your lane and other search parameters. 

Get support if your routing guide fails
Tender freight with greater flexibility with the Capacity Guru routing engine. Its results continuously update based on real-time data and feedback and seamlessly flows from contract to spot.

Generate more value from your network
If you're developing capacity, looking for a network carrier on a lane, or working on a spot shipment, find capacity in your network in seconds with the Search Capacity tool.

Build and manage asset carrier relationships and improve engagement

Save time and money with digital freight matching
With Freight Guru, matching freight is ranked and auto-communicated to your carrier network, saving you and your carriers time and money. 

Leverage carrier feedback and digital execution
FreightFriend automatically refines carrier preferences based on how they interact with freight or respond to load offers sent to their inboxes. Quote and Book Now functionality reduce friction in the booking process.

Intuitive carrier relationship management
Empower your carrier sales reps to leverage relationships with every transaction. Easily manage and gather proprietary information on carriers to book loads better, faster, and smarter.

Make your freight software work for you

Keep your data private
Keep your load, lane, and truck data within your own private network. Information is only shared with trusted companies you connect with as "friends." We never aggregate your data.

Integrate with your own UI or software
Leverage the power of FreightFriend within your own digital environment. Whether you have a proprietary TMS or are using off-the-shelf software, FreightFriend is built using microservice architecture and can be called via API.

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