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Want to book more loads with network carriers?
Make truckload procurement your competitive advantage using FreightFriend's intuitive platform. Ranked freight and capacity results mean you'll find the right capacity for your freight every single time.

Combine freight matching with carrier relationships

Tap into the power of machine learning
FreightFriend dynamically learns and adjusts based on the latest data and real-life interactions.

Easily find freight capacity
Arm your team with ranked carrier and capacity results for any load or lane with Capacity Guru, FreightFriend's dynamic routing engine.

Automate to build relationships
Auto-communicate to carriers via waterfall or blast tender. Auto-post loads to relationship carriers in the marketplace.

Reliable carrier relationship management for your trusted network

Keep your data private
Connect with carriers to share freight or create private carrier profiles, just for your team. We never aggregate your data.

Engage carriers with the right freight
FreightFriend will automatically refine carrier preferences based on how they interact with freight on the platform or respond to load offers sent to their inboxes.  

Find more capacity without the friction
Looking for new partners? Search from 500,000+ FMCSA-registered carriers using criteria that matters (origin, destination, equipment, and more). The result — a prioritized list of carriers fo
r your load or lane.

Book more loads with the talent on your team

Intuitive carrier relationship management
Empower your carrier sales reps to leverage relationships with every transaction. Easily manage and gather proprietary information on carriers to book loads better, faster, and smarter.

Streamline and centralize with one freight software
Automated communication, quote and book now functionality, and automated capacity posting streamlines manual processes and avoids losing invaluable data.

Pre-plan from days to months in advance
Mini Bid tool provides clients the ability to strategically target high-density lanes by ranking carriers and automating communications.
Trusted by Freight Brokers Across North America
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