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FreightFriend introduces most comprehensive New Carrier Search feature for the logistics industry

September 5, 2019

FreightFriend’s new search tool finds any FMCSA carrier using filters that aren’t found on existing carrier search tools

CHICAGO, IL: Finding reliable, trustworthy transportation partners is a big issue facing shippers, brokers, and 3PLs in today’s logistics industry. Search tools currently on the market only allow users to find carriers based on the location of their registered office, resulting in a long list of potential candidates that may or may not run the lane a shipper is looking for.

FreightFriend’s latest release is changing that — New Carrier Search is a powerful, intuitive application that allows users to identify carriers based on specific origin, destination, and equipment type, along with other parameters. The results are then ranked and prioritized by best fit, so users don’t have to spend time calling carrier after carrier to find the right capacity for their freight.

“We ultimately wanted to create a tool that would save shippers and brokers time and money by intelligently delivering a list of results they could count on,” said Noam Frankel, founder and CEO of FreightFriend. “So many companies have a hard time finding new, trustworthy partners and often open themselves up to risk by relying on public load boards to find capacity. We think there’s a better way.”

It’s a problem that Frankel understands innately. As a founder of American Backhaulers and an Echo Global Logistics veteran who led the development of the brokerage’s truckload division, Frankel has seen the industry evolve first hand.

“Digital freight brokerages may have the spotlight, but we believe that people and relationships will always be a big part of the procurement process,” he said. “New Carrier Search helps support building these relationships in a targeted, strategic way.”

New Carrier Search is available today and the first of several new features FreightFriend is rolling out in the upcoming months. Schedule a demo to preview the New Carrier Search feature at

About FreightFriend: FreightFriend is a carrier relationship management (CRM) software and next-generation freight matching platform that allows users to gather valuable, proprietary data on carriers/assets and grow relationships with reliable partners. Built for shippers, brokers, and carriers, the platform features a private, centralized load board that auto-communicates available freight to “friended” transportation partners and instantly delivers prioritized and ranked matches using advanced algorithms and machine learning.


Phoebe Noce

Director of Marketing



Download press release

New Carrier Search press release
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