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Case Study: Mini Bid increases bids over 10 percent at RGL Logistics

RGL Logistics partners with FreightFriend to successfully increase carrier interactions, expand the carrier base, and more efficiently book bids with carriers in less time.


RGL is a rapidly growing provider of logistics services. While they have a long history of solving logistics problems for companies looking to simplify and improve their supply chains, they want to continuously improve their day-to-day tasks, too. RGL partnered with FreightFriend to capture more consistent capacity using the mini bid tool.


FreightFriend not only provides a carrier management platform - making communication, management, and procurement easier, we provide automation and personalization to make sure the right carriers are getting matched to the right lanes and freight. This meant, for RGL, helping them communicate with carriers while making it simple for carriers to quote on bids.


FreightFriend has helped increase RGL bids by over ten percent and brought more efficiency to carrier rep teams. As RGL expands its usage of the platform, they have confidence more success will be brought to the department.

Nathan Casey, Carrier Development Manager

“FreightFriend has taken away the headache of managing our carrier relationships. With one platform to organize, track, and communicate with our carriers, our carrier rep teams are able to get more done in less time and remain proactive in their booking approach. The Mini Bid tool has increased our bid quotes by over ten percent to date, and I see it only improving.”

Ready to see what FreightFriend can do for you?


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