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Transparent Pricing in the Transportation Industry: Bridging the Gap between Brokers and Carriers

The transportation industry plays a crucial role in the functioning of the global economy by facilitating the movement of goods from one place to another. However, the industry is plagued by various inefficiencies, one of which is the lack of transparency in pricing between brokers and carriers.

How can transparent pricing benefit both brokers and carriers?

Transparency in pricing refers to the clear and open communication of pricing information between the two parties. This involves the carrier disclosing the fees of their services and the broker being upfront about the amount they will pay for their services. Currently, the transportation industry operates on a system of opaque pricing, where the exact cost of services is not always clear. This often leads to misunderstandings and disputes between brokers and carriers, resulting in delays and ultimately increased costs for both parties.

The lack of transparency in pricing also leads to inefficiencies in the market. Carriers may overcharge for their services, while brokers may underpay, leading to an increase in costs for the end consumer.

On the other hand, transparent pricing can help improve the relationship between brokers and carriers. By clearly communicating the price they are willing to pay, both parties can work together to ensure that the pricing is fair and reasonable. This can lead to increased trust and collaboration between brokers and carriers, as both parties are aware of the exact costs involved.

In addition, transparent pricing can also help to increase efficiency in the transportation industry. By having clear pricing information, carriers can better plan and allocate resources, leading to more efficient operations. While brokers can use this information to negotiate better rates with carriers and provide more competitive pricing to their clients.

Moreover, transparent pricing can also help to reduce the risk of disputes and legal battles between brokers and carriers. When both parties are aware of the exact costs involved, they are less likely to engage in disputes over payment. This can help to reduce the workload of the legal system, as well as save time and resources for both brokers and carriers.

"FreightWaves SONAR data is built on the principles of being fast, reliable, and neutral.” said Spencer Piland, Chief Operating Officer, FreightWaves, “Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers all benefit when parties can trust an independent data source to transact their business. Our partnership with FreightFriend makes SONAR data more accessible to the market and in the workflow, furthering our strategy of making mission-critical data available in the systems that customers use most.”

Transparent pricing is critical to the success of the transportation industry. By improving the relationship between brokers and carriers, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of disputes, transparent pricing can help to create a more stable and sustainable transportation industry. Both brokers and carriers stand to benefit from transparent pricing, as it can lead to increased trust, collaboration, and profitability. The transportation industry must embrace transparent pricing and work towards creating a more open and transparent marketplace for all.

That’s why FreightFriend has integrations with Greenscreens and SONAR TRAC. Brokers can see the average price paid per lane and negotiate more quickly with their carrier partners leading to more loads booked in a day.

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FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) spot rates can be used for benchmarking, analyzing, monitoring, and forecasting rates for brokers, carriers, and shippers. FreightWaves TRAC collects data daily from a consortium of key market-driving companies adhering to a standardized protocol. The FreightWaves TRAC Spot Rate methodology uses high-frequency data to provide better insights into freight pricing and drive profitability. TRAC’s rates are compliant with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). Through July 1, 2023, our customers can get a free trial of TRAC on the FreightFriend platform. Sign up here.


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