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Dedicate more freight and discover untapped capacity

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Learn how your brokerage can drive more freight to quality carriers. Reduce reliance on public load boards and find the right capacity when you need it the most.

Software that lets you be proactive, not reactive

Not just a load board. Not just freight matching software.
FreightFriend's 3-tiered solution smartly blends public and private data — and makes it available and accessible for your team.




Marketplace based on mutual friendship

Carrier relationship management platform (CRM)

Intelligent data warehouse with freight matching

Book the right carrier, every time

Watch a quick overview on FreightFriend's A.I.-based routing engine in action.
Want to see more? Request a personalized demo instead.
Presented at FreightWaves LIVE 2019

The FreightFriend difference

Build relationships and dedicate more freight to quality carriers.
Minimize your workload with automation and avoid losing important data by keeping your proprietary information in one place.
Manage and gather proprietary data on carriers in the CRM so you can benefit from your team’s knowledge base.
Book more loads and make data-driven decisions without adding more talent to your existing team.
A centralized, friendship-based marketplace helps you reduce reliance on public load boards and stop sharing information with competitors and carriers you don’t want to work with.
Find new carriers and discover capacity instantly when evaluating opportunities or covering spot.

Turn procurement into your competitive advantage

Make smarter, data-driven procurement decisions. See why thousands of users turn to FreightFriend to find capacity and book freight.
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