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Carrier engagement,

made easy

Engage with carriers, grow your relationships, and automate execution 
with the help of FreightFriend's Freight Guru.
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Why Freight Guru works

  • Blends your data with publicly available data

  • Delivers freight matches to carriers while dynamically learning and adjusting, based on carrier responses

  • Ranked and auto-communicated results, saving carriers time and money

  • No sign up or sign in required for carriers to receive matches, provide a quote, or book-it-now

Demo form

See Freight Guru in action, with a customized demo tailored to your team.

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Software that lets you be proactive, not reactive

Not just a load board. Not just freight matching software.
FreightFriend's cloud-based solution harnesses the power of AI to find capacity and match freight. 




Carrier relationship management platform (CRM)

AI-powered freight matching and relationship-based marketplace

Predictive new carrier discovery

The FreightFriend difference

Build relationships and dedicate more freight to quality carriers.
Minimize your workload with automation and avoid losing important data by keeping your proprietary information in one place.
Manage and gather proprietary data on carriers in the CRM so you can benefit from your team’s knowledge base.
Book more loads and make data-driven decisions without adding more talent to your existing team.
An intelligent routing engine continuously updates and ranks carriers for any lane or shipment, so you can reduce reliance on public load boards and find the right carrier to deliver your freight safely.
Find new carriers and discover capacity instantly when evaluating opportunities or covering spot.

Engage carriers, effortlessly

Take the hassle out of carrier engagement and make it a natural part of your procurement process. Freight Guru helps you be more responsive and nimble, so you can build relationships and move more loads.
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