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3 Tips For Success with FreightFriend

The more data you put in, the stronger the results

FreightFriend delivers ranked freight and capacity results based on your carrier and load history, public data like FMCSA, and carrier data. Because we keep your data private, the ranked results you see are unique to you and your Carrier Rep team. We want to guarantee your Carrier Reps can book more loads each day in less time by creating an intuitive carrier relationship management platform; streamlining and centralizing all communication, posting, and booking; and giving your team the tools to pre-plan from days to months in advance.

To help deepen existing carrier relationships and create new ones, we have three tips that will help you and your teams find success on the FreightFriend platform.

Three Tips for Success

1. Integrate through TMS or FTP

FreightFriend is partnered with many of the leading TMS platforms, but if you don’t see yours on the list, integration through FTP is also an option

  • Load history powers our ranking engine

  • Active loads drive Carrier bookings and rebookings

  • Carrier history and new carrier data also power the ranking results delivered

2. Develop a Change Management Program for Carrier Reps to live on the platform

User adoption by CRs is critical to the success of the platform

  • Post lanes

  • Post trucks

  • Profile carriers

  • Set goals for them

  • Reward action in the platform (friendly competition resulting in a Starbucks gift card, for example)

3. Build KPIs

To encourage user adoption, set KPIs for each Carrier Rep and outline expectations

  1. X# of trucks posted a day

  2. X# of lanes posted a month

  3. Create X# of new carrier relationships each month

  4. X# of Carriers contacted a day

Ready to take a deeper dive into FreightFriend? Set up a demo for your Carrier Rep team with us. We will train you and your team on the platform and be your go-to resource for all questions and enhancements.


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