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FreightFriend’s new Loop gives full visibility, real-time communication between logistics partners

FreightFriend is excited to announce Loop, a brand new feature that increases real-time transparency for shippers and brokers with their partner carriers on every load.

Thanks to Loop, your team doesn’t have to work in the dark. From customer reps to carrier reps, anyone within your organization can leverage Loop to gain full visibility to which carriers have been offered each load and how they have responded, including internal feedback from reps, external feedback from carriers, quotes, and other details.

Negotiation and live chat functionality will also be released soon so that shippers, brokers, and carrier partners have a real-time communication Loop.

These actions and points of feedback also contribute to the overall score and dynamic ranking for Capacity Guru and Freight Guru that make FreightFriend the most intelligent sourcing platform on the market.

“If a network carrier indicates that they don’t like a load that our software matches to their capacity, for example, our algorithm factors this data into the score,” said Noam Frankel, FreightFriend founder and CEO. “This is important because Capacity Guru then dynamically adjusts the ranked list of carriers in real time. Not only is there more transparency across your organization but you're also working with the most up-to-date information on carrier preferences.”

This feedback also helps Freight Guru, FreightFriend’s smart digital freight matching technology, learn from carrier behavior so that carriers receive better tailored freight matches in the future.

To learn more about Loop or other FreightFriend features, contact Jeff Hanson at [email protected].


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