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FreightFriend and MercuryGate Expand Partnership with Upgraded Integration and Digital Execution

CHICAGO, IL (May 4, 2020) — FreightFriend, a cloud-based truckload procurement solution, expands on their longstanding partnership with MercuryGate to offer digital execution and an enhanced integration experience, helping companies streamline processes and reduce transportation spend. One-click access seamlessly transitions users between MercuryGate’s transportation management system (TMS) and the FreightFriend platform and ensures access to vital information at key points on both platforms.

“Flexibility within the supply chain and transportation network has become more crucial than ever in today’s current environment that continues to be marked by uncertain conditions,” said Jeffrey Varon, MercuryGate Chief Strategy Officer. “Our expanded partnership with FreightFriend enables our customers to extend the functionality of the TMS with the added benefits of finding capacity based on real-time data.”

In today’s tight capacity market, the speed of finding and securing the right capacity are essential to success. When compounded by supply chain disruptions and ever-changing consumer shopping habits, transportation costs and tendering flexibility become even more important.

With the expanded integration, MercuryGate users can instantly leverage FreightFriend’s Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide to waterfall, blast, or manually tender freight.

“Capacity cannot be counted on from the bid and routing guide process,” said Noam Frankel, FreightFriend Founder and CEO. “That’s why we’re excited to bring Capacity Guru to MercuryGate customers and provide shippers a dynamic routing guide that continuously updates based on real time data and experience and seamlessly flows from contract to spot with a flexible tendering process.”

Users can also click directly into Freight Guru from a carrier profile on MercuryGate to see matching freight displayed within the TMS or auto-communicate ranked loads to partners.

The integration makes carrier engagement easy — carriers can select quote, book-it-now, or see load details, which flows directly into MercuryGate’s carrier portal. Each carrier interaction helps inform results for each company using the FreightFriend platform, which continuously learns from their behavior to more accurately predict capacity and freight.

“By expanding and improving on our original partnership, we hope MercuryGate customers will be able to engage with more quality asset carriers and build relationships more efficiently and effectively,” said Frankel.

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About FreightFriend: FreightFriend is a cloud-based, AI-powered truckload procurement solution that helps shippers and brokers find the right capacity and match it to the right freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, the Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide, and Freight Guru intelligent freight matching. Follow FreightFriend on LinkedIn for the latest updates and industry coverage.

About MercuryGate: MercuryGate provides powerful transportation management solutions proven to be a competitive advantage for today’s most successful shippers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, and carriers. MercuryGate’s solutions are unique in their native support of all modes of transportation on a single platform including Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Air, Ocean, Rail, and Intermodal. Through the continued release of innovative, results-driven technology and a commitment to making customers successful, MercuryGate delivers exceptional value for TMS users through improved productivity and operational efficiency. MercuryGate offers business intelligence to improve transportation processes, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Find out why MercuryGate has set the industry standard for the most adaptable, comprehensive transportation solutions suite in the industry at or on Twitter at @MercuryGate.

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