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Case Study: Strategic solution generates increased efficiency across teams

Great Lakes needed a customer management platform where they could manage and enhance existing relationships and procure trusted capacity.


Great Lakes Transport takes pride in attention to detail, a laser-sharp focus on metrics that matter, and their goal to build trustworthy and long-lasting relationships. A part of building trusting relationships is making sure the history and data around capacity are secure and available to only those who need access to it. Realizing there had to be an alternative to load boards, where relationships and data are publicly available and fraud is increasing, Great Lakes needed a solution to align to their values.


FreightFriend is the only platform in the industry that keeps client data private while providing tools to strengthen relationships. Powered by private and public (FMCSA) data, FreightFriend delivers ranked freight matches that are auto-communicated to partnered carriers. Not only does this bring more efficiency to Carrier Teams, but it also gives them the security they need to continue to safely work with Shippers and Carriers and deliver their mission.


With 4,000+ "friendships" on the FreightFriend platform, Great Lakes Transport's Load Match emails deliver a 70% open rate on average with nearly 50,000 clicks to freight from trusted carriers in the past 90 days.

Brian Pappagallo, Director of Carrier Relations

"The load match emails are decreasing our Carrier Teams' time spent on outreach to their Carriers and increasing their productivity 10-fold. We are at the beginning of our journey on the FreightFriend platform, but know the power it holds with capacity management and trusted procurement will help us deliver the best experience to our clients."

Ready to see what FreightFriend can do for you?


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